Come FLY with me

It is no secret, I am terrible at keeping house. Sure, I can pass rental inspections with flying colours or have the house presentable when I know I have visitors coming, but it doesn’t last. Within a week you’ll be wondering how I ever passed the inspection in the first place. This has got to change. Ryder will be crawling soon and he deserves to explore a clean and safe house. This is where Marla comes in.

Marla is the fairy godmother of thousands around the globe looking for a little peace and organisation in their homes and their lives. We all know her as FlyLady. Now I’m not usually one for testimonials but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. Marla and her crew over at have and are changing the lives of people everywhere. I have been reading her first book Sink Reflections over the past few days, and this lady knows her stuff! With the advice from the book, information on the website and daily email coaching, I am ready to FLY (finally love yourself). This is the core of the FlyLady system. How can I love my house and my family if I don’t even love me? By following Marla’s advice and setting up the routines she teaches, not only will my house end up clean, I will have less “stuff” and I will learn to love myself in the process. By following routines every day I will ultimately end up doing LESS housework!

Today I am going to begin my journey to a clean home and a clean heart. I will try to blog each day with achievements (or lack thereof). If I have piqued your interest and you’re wondering “what in the seven seas is she on about?” then please check out her website at . If you think this may be your cup of tea then sign up to FlyLady’s daily emails, follow this blog and let’s FLY!

P.S I know some of you are thinking “but Lish, you’ve been going on about this for months!” Yes yes, I know. I am not too proud to admit that I fell off the wagon. But I am now more determined than ever to stick this out. Not just for me, but for Ryder too.


What are your thoughts?

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