FLY With Me – Day 1

As you all know, today was the first day of my journey into FLYing. If you are just joining us, check out to see what all the fuss is about. Each day I will list achievements and progress (or lack thereof). Today I thought I’d take before and after shots of my main achievement. But onto the routines.

Morning Routine:

  • Get Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth – Never really stopped doing this!
  • Make Bed – Was made with Ryder ‘helping’
  • Swish & Swipe (‘swish’ toilet and ‘swipe’ sink and benches in bathroom) – Nice and clean!
  • Empty Dish Rack of dry dishes – clean dishes dry and put away
  • Reboot Laundry (Put a load of washing on) – Dang it! Forgot to hang it out!
  • Check Your Calendar – Today’s usual plan went out the window due to this cold
  • Check Your Control Journal (Needing to re-make a control journal)
    * What’s For Dinner?  – Beef Stroganoff!* Drink Your Water  – OOPS! getting a glass now

    * Declutter for 15 Minutes – I cleared my dressing table (see photos below)

    * 15 Minutes of Loving Movement (exercise) – Does walking around the house trying to get Ryder to sleep count?

Before Bed Routine:

  • Lay out Your Clothes for tomorrow – Will be set out on my nice clean dressing table
  • Check Your Calendar – Just another day at home
  • Put things needed for tomorrow at the Launch Pad – Launch Pad = dressing table for me
  • Where are your Keys? – In my handbag!
  • Spend Two Minutes Clearing off a Hot Spot – I’ve also cleared my bedside table of unnecessary stuff
  • Shine Your Sink – Will do after dinner
  • Wash face/Brush Teeth – Shower after dinner
  • Go to Bed at a Decent Hour – This will be the hardest part of the journey!

For explanations of any of these things, visit .

Anyways, onto my main achievement of the day – the dressing table. This took longer than 15 minutes but at least it’s finally done. Here’s some pics.


Not pretty, I know. But wait!


TA-DA!!! Now I have somewhere to Launch from! (and somewhere to blog to you lovely readers!) This is where I will place my clothes for the following day, along with my handbag and anything else I need for the day. I am hoping to keep this area clear of anything not needing to be there. So far Day 1 has been a success! I will get to FlyLady’s missions and zones once the routines become habits and I have less crap taking up space. BabySteps will get me there!


3 thoughts on “FLY With Me – Day 1

  1. Wow, great job! I have no idea how I will get the morning routine. I am not a morning person and pretty much get up no more than 30 minutes before I need to leave for work. Guess it’s time for a change!

    • I swear we could be the same person! I have found though, that by getting up earlier, I am in bed earlier and have a more restful sleep, even with my son waking half a dozen times through the night. I am slowly changing my night owl ways, and feel that I get more achieved through the day. Of course it’s alot different being a stay at home mum compared to working. That’s the beauty of the routines. By getting up earlier (even half an hour makes a difference) you can get your home ready to come home too. You can come home to a clean bathroom if you swish and swipe each morning, and a quick 5 minute PUPA can change the entire feel of a room. By getting up a little earlier, you’re also less likely to be rushed or late for work

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