Triple Figures!

3 days in and over 100 views today! I can’t believe it! Here was the magic moment:

Thank you friends, thank you! I’m still in shock!

I have decided that when I get 500 views in a day, or 1000 views all time (whichever happens first) I will bake a cake! Because, well, I like cake. Do any of my followers have a particular suggestion for said celebratory cake?

Where would I be without my fans? Probably in bed asleep instead of perched on the end of my bed full of excitement and pride. But, I digress. You, my readers are helping make this blog great. Together we can reach a higher plane of awesome! But, I need your help. Talk  to me people! What do you like so far? What’s just not doing it for you? What would you like to see more of? Or less of? Feedback people, feedback! Let me make my blog your blog. The site you visit when you need a smile, a bit of motivation, or just some reassurance that there are crazier people out there than you!

Again my friends, thank you. This is for you.



What are your thoughts?

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