The Great Pantry Stocktake!

Well, it’s not that great. But still. Here’s the concept: I will record every item of food in my pantry, fridge and freezer. This list will then allow me to plan meals in order to use up as much food as possible in order to start afresh.

Once I have everything down to a bare minimum, I will do a pantry stock shop one week, and a bulk meat shop the following week. All in an attempt to reduce wastage and save money. I would also love to try the “once a month cooking” technique, which will save time and money in the long run. By only buying what we need and will actually eat, and by having ready cooked meals in the freezer, there will be less last-minute takeaways and more money in our pockets. Simply reheating a meal before serving it instead of cooking it from scratch will give me more time in the evenings, so I can ensure Ryder gets to bed on time.

Yep, this stocktake idea’s not so bad after all.


Edit: Well I did the stocktake, and am now armed with a list of ingredients to plan meals with. Do I really need to buy bolognese sauce every time I go shopping, I already have three!? Double ups of quite a few other items too, so I will cook, cook, cook until they are all gone!


2 thoughts on “The Great Pantry Stocktake!

  1. Definitely useful, thank you for the idea! I feel so much more prepared to answer the “What’s For Dinner? ” question. I have written down over a dozen meal ideas so now I can say “you pick! ” feel free to post a link to your page šŸ™‚

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