FLY With Me – Day 13

I must say, getting to bed before midnight is easier than I thought! It is even easier now that I am also getting out of bed by 9am.

Today I made pages for my Control Journal. I made pages for my daily and weekly routines, as well as pages for the detailed zone cleaning lists. I am buying a laminator tomorrow so I can use a whiteboard marker to tick off each list and wipe clean again. I am thinking of putting up the daily and weekly routines and the corresponding zone list for the week in the kitchen so everyone else can see what needs to be done. Maybe it can be my Control Panel!

I will also make a page for a basic weekly plan, showing what needs to be done on particular days, bins etc.

I only did basic routines again today, but once my Control Panel is up and running I can really jump in. I am off to a friend’s house tomorrow for a study group, but I will be buying the laminator on the way home. Here’s hoping I can get some study AND some housework done tomorrow!


What are your thoughts?

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