FLY With Me – Day 14

I just shut my computer down, before realising I haven’t blogged today. I am just about to get into bed after a lovely day.

I spent 4 hours with some of the wonderful ladies of the breastfeeding group I attend, for studying and planning. Once I came home Ryder had a nap and I was able to enjoy a Ham and salad sandwich in peace. I spent much of the afternoon relaxing and marvelling at how much Ryder has grown and how clever he is becoming.

I did my entire daily routine today, including drinking 2 liters of water! I am just about to put a sticker on the calendar as a reward. I find it will be a good incentive for me, maybe a sticker every day for a fortnight could mean a special treat? It will also serve to track good days and bad, making sure I keep on track.

Tomorrow I will be doing food shopping and buying a laminator. I will post photos of my Control Panel when it is complete. But for now, it is 9.30 and time for bed. Goodnight lovely readers!


What are your thoughts?

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