FLY With Me – Day 15

Again, I forgot to blog while I was on the computer, so again I’m using my mobile phone from the comfort of my bed.

I bought a laminator today, and my Control Panel is up and running, although I forgot to take a picture for you all. I have placed each zone list in the appropriate room, and have put zone stickers on the calendar so I always know what the current zone is. I have a pen attached to the calendar for writing appointments and a whiteboard marker for crossing off my lists. It is all set up in the kitchen, so everyone will see it every day.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow, so I will be vacuuming and mopping floors first thing tomorrow morning. The house isn’t “company ready” but she has seen the house in much worse condition so I’m not too worried. I’m spending the rest of this week catching up the washing and general tidying so I can start zone missions next week. FlyLady is starting a Declutter Olympics on Friday so I would like the house ready for that. Friday morning is also my weekly ABA meeting, this will be the first I’ve attended in over a month. To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement. I’d love to come home to a clean house and be able to jump straight in to the new Challenge. I must get stuck in tomorrow then.

I did do my routine today, so another reward sticker on the calendar for me! Still haven’t figured out a reward or incentive yet but that’s ok. Once the house is clean and my routine is habit ill be rewarded with a clean and stress free home, and hopefully some spare time too!


2 thoughts on “FLY With Me – Day 15

  1. I must have missed the part about putting the zone lists in rooms, or is that your idea? I need to do this! I really want to get our place into shape so we can finally relax as well.

    • This was my idea 🙂 I laminated the lists, and didn’t know where to keep them. I was going to change the list at my Control Panel each week but couldn’t decide where to keep them in the meantime. So I figured I’d put each list in it’s corresponding zone. Office list next to my desk, bathroom list on the back of the door opposite the toilet etc. Now when Im zone cleaning I don’t have to leave the room to find out what’s next on the list 🙂

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