Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

I know I do. Trying to part with some of the vast volume of stuff can be difficult. There’s the clothes you may wear someday, the gifts you never use, the items with sentimental value and the stuff that seems too good to throw away. Trust me I know. But let’s face it, it’s gotta go. That’s why I am setting myself a goal.

My goal is to have the house decluttered by the end of 2012. We will be moving house in January and I don’t want to move boxes of unnecessary stuff. Once I have the house clean enough that only my daily and weekly routines are necessary to keep up, I will start tackling the boxes of stuff in the laundry. As I am cleaning the house I will declutter as much as I can.

I am looking forward to releasing some of my stuff. I am not going to sell it, I am going to donate it to various charities around town. Hopefully someone else can use and enjoy some of the items that I am not.

Will anyone join me in this challenge? By starting now we can enter 2013 with a clean and decluttered house and a peaceful stress-free life!


8 thoughts on “Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

  1. We definitely have too much stuff!! I would love to have things decluttered by Christmas! I’m tired of CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome). I want to have people over, especially at Christmas. It helps to have the motivation of my mother possibly living with us. It is giving us the “kick in the pants” we need!!

    • It always helps to have a reason for doing something, “just ’cause ” often isn’t very motivating. Some of my ‘stuff’ boxes have been moved three or four times without ever being unpacked! Enough is enough, come January, if I don’t love or use it, it’s not coming with us!

  2. My deadline is looming: we want to bring a dog into the house – hopefully before the cold weather arrives ;). My decluttering goes in spurts, I need to be a little more focused and disciplined. So I’m definitely with you πŸ™‚

    • I’ve noticed my entire way of thinking has changed … now whenever I go into a drawer or cupboard for something in particular I see if there’s anything I can pull out to give away while I’m there. Seems less daunting than tackling the whole drawer at once πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, every time I clean, I think this. It worries me because my grandmother was a hoarder (seriously, I grew up thinking the den was a HALLWAY because there was so much stuff piled up on either side) and I am very sentimental. However, I have found this site,, which has given me some ideas on useful things I can make for things I can’t part with. Another idea is to photograph stuff you hate to throw out but can no longer use. I think the hardest stuff is those little things you just don’t know what to do with. Stuff I ask my partner about and he’s like “Keep it.” Then I go, “Well, what is it and where am I supposed to put it?!”

    I’m definitely taking some clothes to donation, though. The only thing I hate is lugging the bag downstairs and into the car and then dropping it off. Last time I forgot to drop the bag off, someone wrecked my car, and the stuff went all over the place and got dirty so we ended up leaving it all :-/

    • Oh dear! Definitely too much stuff! As FlyLady says, if you don’t love it or use it, give it to someone who will! I nearly have another garbage bag full of clothes and bits to pass forward, there’s a donation bin only a few blocks from here so we don’t let it accumulate anymore. The quicker we get it out of the house the less likely I am to pull things back out!

      • Going to work on this. Perhaps a good project for my partner–send him out with these bags since he’s home all day. That way I won’t kill myself dragging them out and it gives him an excuse to get out of the house.

      • Good idea! I’m aiming to get rid of two items every day until Ive defeated the clutter monster! Today was two pairs of pants that are too big and are sewn funny around the crotch

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