FLY With Me – Day 17 – Let The Games Begin!

Sorry folks, here’s yesterday’s progress report.

Once again, I completed my entire daily routine, earning my fourth sticker in a row. I think some of my routine is finally sinking in and becoming habit. I just don’t feel ready for the day until I am dressed to shoes and I don’t like going to bed knowing something is left undone. I can’t believe how much this system has changed my life. Most definitely for the better.

Yesterday was also the start of FlyLady’s Declutter Olympics. Over the 16 days of the Olympics she will set a daily event for each zone. If you complete all 5 events for the day you can click a button to “get” a gold medal. I’m hoping to see a big difference in the house at the end of the Olympics. I completed yesterday’s events before bed last night, earning my first gold medal.

I have been very slow starting my day today, but my shoes are on and I’m ready to FLY!


What are your thoughts?

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