FLY With Me – Day 19

Sticker number 6 is going up tonight! Another day of getting stuff done! After I finished my routine I started writing out a shopping list. I will finish it tomorrow, along with a meal plan for the week.

Not much else to report today, other then Ryder likes toast! It is so good to see him eating, even if it means only giving him food he can feed himself.

That’s about it from me tonight, its after 10pm so I am going to head to bed. I hope someone reads this soon, I haven’t had ANY views for the past two days. This makes me sad. Please if you read this give me some feedback or suggestions on how to make my blog more read-worthy.


6 thoughts on “FLY With Me – Day 19

  1. For me it’s an enjoyable read. I just wish I could read and comment on all the blogs I follow more often. I think I need to trim my list down πŸ™‚

    Plus, you are doing really well. I think the whole routines thing AND being a new mum is a heap to get on top of. One day at a time, you can do it!

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