FLY With Me – Day 20

You know you’re making progress decluttering your house when you can’t do any of the 5 missions FlyLady set today! Today also makes a whole week of FLYing in a row. This is huge for me; tomorrow I am treating myself to a hot glue gun for crafts and a new roasting pan. Our current one bends and twists trying to get it in and out of the oven.

I have included, by popular request, a photo of my daily routine. Now you can see what I do to earn a sticker.


Seem too simple? Maybe for some, but while caring for an active 8 month old I struggle to even do this some days. As the house becomes cleaner and easier to upkeep I will be able to update my list to include things like working on a hobby, study etc.

Thank you to my readers for your responses, without you I’d be a lonely soul calling out to no-one.


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