FLY With Me – Day 21

What a day! After doing a food shop this morning, James and I cleaned and rearranged the kitchen. It’s so much nicer now. So much of my day was spent scrubbing benchtops and washing dishes, but I still got my routine done! I am drinking my last bottle of water now.

Tomorrow is the first of August, meaning my ABCs Around the World will start too. I may do language, national flower and flag. This should be a great way to learn a little bit about our wide world!

I’m hoping to finish the last load of dishes tomorrow and clean the one remaining bench area I missed today. A quick sweep and mop and it should be lovely! As FlyLady says “As the kitchen goes so goes the rest of the house”. The next room to tackle will be the lounge room. I have been making a little progress each day.

That’s about all from me tonight, thanks for the huge surge in numbers today! Something like 65 at last check! You guys are awesome, thank you so much for your support.


What are your thoughts?

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