FLY With Me – Day 22

In bed before 9! Ryder has just drifted off beside me, so I thought I’d stay where its warm and catch up on my blog. I will post today’s ABC in a moment.

I didn’t end up finishing the kitchen today, but it isn’t bothering me. I’m still enjoying the vast difference rearranging things have made. Instead of seeing dirty dishes as I walk in, I now see a microwave and kettle with everything to make a cuppa. I’ll try again tomorrow to finish if off. I did manage to get some study done today though and am raring to get started on the next unit tomorrow.

Just before I came to bed I ticked off my last glass of water, earning my first sticker for August. I have decided that for every sticker I earn, I earn $1 to spend on myself completely guilt free. So just for August I can earn up to $31! That could be a nice new top or something from the FlyShop! I will keep an eye out for something I like to “save up” for.

Well friends, I’ll leave it here and get today’s ABC post up. Take care!


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