I have been seriously considering this blog into my own website but am unsure whether it will be worth it. It will only cost me $20 a year for the domain, but I don’t want to spend time and money on something I can do here for free. What do you all think?

I could set a target number of visits and if I reach it by the end of the year I’ll make the website. But what would be a realistic goal?  5000? 7000?  I have had over 800 views so far. Would something like 3000 be more reasonable? There are still 5 months left of the year. Maybe 5000 is a better idea. 1000 views a month from now until Christmas? You already have a head start; so really only 4000 between now and then. What do you say?

I guess the big question is, what will I put on a website? I guess I’d start it much like this blog with different sections for decluttering, breastfeeding etc. I could be the go-to site for coping with housework with a family. I can dream right? I love the idea of selling things, but don’t really know what I could sell. Maybe personalised routine lists and chore charts? Is there a market for that sort of thing?

Please, please let me know what you guys think of all this, tell me if I’m being crazy or if this could actually happen.


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  1. I guess if you had about 4000-5000 views by Christmas and comments as well you could go forward with your own website but you would have to make it interesting for people to go onto I mean not just blogging add some personal touches maybe you could sell little things if you are crafty you could make little stuffed teddies lots of people buy little handmade toys for there kids etc but if this one is free why would you wanna get your own web page just additive this one 🙂 good luck Hun xxx Naomi burgess

    • Thanks Naomi 🙂 if I had my own website I could have a lot more information posted that would be easier to find later, instead of having to scroll through all the posts. I think I would still keep this blog for the daily stuff but I think I could really expand with my own site. I wouldn’t be so limited if you know what I mean. Maybe I should focus on getting this blog better and more popular before I get too carried away. I’m not overly crafty myself, but my mum is, maybe we could be business partners? 🙂

  2. Have had a good hard think about this and have decided I will go ahead with it in 2013. However, I will be moving house in early January so the website may not actually launch until February or later

  3. I’m considering the same and will wait until things are more regular (my posts that is). Good luck and be sure to advertise your new page 🙂

      • I have 4: the oldest is and then you might like – drop by either one and say hello (there are 2 others, more for the ‘work’ side of me! I’m heading back to study this week, so the next month I’ll be a bit quiet both on the blogging front and the visiting front! Take care in the meantime 🙂

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