FLY With Me – Day 23

An early post from me today. I have just finished uploading today’s ABC, which is Barbados. I also uploaded the pictures for Austria’s flower and flag.

I must say, for half the day my lounge room looked fantastic! There was nothing on the floor, the carpet was vacuumed, it looked nice. Not so much now. Ryder decided it would be a good idea to pull out wipes from the container one at a time, then shred a newspaper. So much for my clean floor! Ah well.

I also managed to completely declutter and sort two drawers of my filing cabinet that were full of ‘stuff’. Yesterday I set up the filing system in the top drawer, with labels and everything! Feels nice to be able find a specific piece of paper esily when needed.

The kitchen still isn’t finished as I focused on the lounge room today. There is only one rack of dishes to do and a bench to wipe down though so it’s not going to take long once I decide to do it. I may do the dishes while I cook dinner tonight. Chicken Peanut Satay. Mmmm. Also on the list for the kitchen is to clean the stovetop, then it’s just the floor left. I’m hoping to sweep and mop before I head to bed tonight.

Tomorrow is another ABA meeting, which I am looing forward to as always. It is World Breastfeeding Week this week, so we are having some guest speakers come and talk to us. I am up-to-date with my current study unit, so have decided to take the rest of the night off to work on this cross-stitch project. I’m so close to finishing it, I just want it done! I’m really keen to start on James’ Grim Reaper cross stitch, it will definitely be a challenging project. At least it is only full cross stitches, no backstitching or quarter stitches! Once that one is done and dusted I will start on the beautiful birth announcement kit I bought for Ryder. It will be another challenge, with so many colours in it.

Anyway folks, I’m right on track to earn another sticker tonight, just 3 more glasses of water and I’m set! Take care and keep FLYing!


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