FLY With Me – Day 29

Well today seems to have flown by, with little to show for it. I had an X-ray done on my right hand, I have a lump on the back of my hand that is quite noticeable when I bend my hand. I’ve never really paid much attention to it and the doctor says it could just be ‘a variation of normal.’ I have Occupational Overuse Syndrome in the same hand from doing exactly what I’m doing right now, using my phone to blog. I occasionally get shooting pains in my hand to the point of dropping what I’m holding.

Tomorrow I’ll be tackling our bedroom and I will set my laptop back up to use for blogging. I really want to get a small netbook (mini laptop) to use in bed, travel etc. But everything costs money, which we seem to be lacking at the moment. Maybe I’ll ask for donations as birthday and Xmas presents.

I got my brother to wash some dishes today while I tidied the kitchen. I still need to clean the stove and floor before the inspection, along with any dishes between now and then.

Ryder has been asleep in my arms for over an hour now while I watched a movie on TV. It’s nice to be ‘forced’ to relax sometimes. The upcoming inspection is just the motivation I need to really clean the house to a respectable standard in a short amount of time. Once it is done I’m hoping to start doing FlyLady’s daily missions to keep up with it. By having the entire house clean at once I can better focus on decluttering and finishing projects.

I am off to bed shortly, after I drink another bottle of water. I haven’t missed any stickers so far and I don’t intend to start now!


2 thoughts on “FLY With Me – Day 29

  1. I remember having my babies in my arms! I miss it. They still like hugs, though! Or to kind of snuggle on the couch watching tv. I remember holding them in my arms for hours! I swear when Christina was a baby, she was hardly in her bed for the first few months!

    Sounds like you are doing well! Take care,

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