20 Day Challenge – Pre-Challenge Tasks 1-4

Well, as you all know, I am taking part in the 20 Day Challenge with The Organised Housewife. The challenge itself doesn’t start until Monday but there is a series of pre-challenge tasks in the meantime. Today is Day 4 of these tasks. Day 1 was to gather a binder and 5 dividers, labelling them Tasks, Checklists, Routines, Notes and Other. I also printed off the lovely cover page.


Day 2 was to put together and list the contents of a cleaning kit. Here’s my list:


And the kit itself:

Frankly, I am slightly disgusted by the amount of items on this list. I have put vinegar and bi-carb soda on my shopping list for next week, but these will have to do for now. I shudder to think about the number of chemicals in all of these products that we are breathing in to our lungs, especially Ryder.

Day 3 asked us to establish and record a morning routine. Now as you know I already had one from the FlyLady stuff, but it started to seem too much like work. So I have revamped it with James’ help, so hopefully we can both work together to complete this each day:


Which brings us to today, Day 4. Today’s task is to establish and record an Evening Routine. Working with James, we figured out a routine set to a timeframe that we are hoping to follow. This may need tweaking, as the weather warms up we will push Ryder’s shower and bed time to after dinner. It gets so cold so quickly of an evening at the moment, the earlier we shoer the warmer it is for him. We didn’t worry about setting times for the Morning Routine, we rarely get up at the same time each day. For now we will work on the Evening Routine, which should in turn influence the mornings.


So that’s the challenge so far! Sorry for the shoddy picture quality, I was using my mobile phone in a poorly lit area. I will try to keep you all updated of my progress, even if it is every second day or so. If you haven’t already checked out this challenge, here’s the link again: http://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/organising/join-me-in-the-20-days-to-organise-and-clean-your-home-challenge/


One thought on “20 Day Challenge – Pre-Challenge Tasks 1-4

  1. That is a lot of cleaning supplies. We usually just use Pledge/Behold furniture polish, Windex/or off brand for glass/windows, a feather duster, and my favorite, MAGIC ERASERS. I did just buy some vinegar and baking soda because I would like to move to cleaning with more natural, less chemical products.

    Best of luck with your challenge. Your binder is gorgeous!

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