20 Day Challenge With The Organised Housewife

As part of a neverending process of trying to get my house under control, I am going to take part in the “20 days to clean and organise your home” challenge. The challenge doesn’t officially start until Monday (3rd Sep) but there have been pre-challenge tasks for the past 4 days. Please check out this challenge and join me in cleaning and organising our homes!
Here’s the link: http://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/organising/join-me-in-the-20-days-to-organise-and-clean-your-home-challenge/

I am in the process of setting up my ‘house file’ to hold everything for this challenge, I have printed out the pages for the tasks so far, but am yet to fill them in. Slowly but surely!


5 thoughts on “20 Day Challenge With The Organised Housewife

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  2. Sounds very interesting. I am not a housewife but I will be following this for sure. I’ve discovered a love for organizing and de-cluttering since I discovered Flylady and other blogs that inspire me. Keep us posted!

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