And Life Got In The Way..

Hi folks, I haven’t been ignoring you, promise! I have just realised it has been over two weeks since I last posted, so I thought I’d better check in. This past week James and I have been sick with a horrible chest cold, so motivation levels have been at all-time low. We are slowly recovering and I have more energy today than the past few days put together.

I have slowly been catching up with my studies this week and have been working on content for my website. I’ll write more about that in a seperate post. My brother moved out last Monday, so it has been quite peaceful of late. As always, I am trying to get caught up with everything and hope to have more time to indulge in my personal hobbies, such as this blog.

Ryder has just gone down for a nap, in his cot! We rearranged the spare room yesterday and is now Ryder’s bedroom. I’ll be sleeping in there too until he fully transitions to sleeping his cot during the night, whether it takes weeks or months.

While Ryder is asleep and I’m feeling somewhat motivated, I am going to jump in and do some housework. I’ll start in the lounge room and work my way to the dreaded kitchen. I’ll write some more posts soon, perhaps at Ryder’s next nap in a few hours. I hope you are all doing well and I apologise agan for the prolonged abscence.


2 thoughts on “And Life Got In The Way..

  1. Nice to hear your voice, I hope you’ve recovered from the cold already! Life has this terrible habit of getting in the way. Much the same happening here 🙂

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