20 Day Challenge – Already Behind!

So today is Day 4 of the 20 Day Challenge with The Organised Housewife, and I am yet to complete a single day’s task. I have dutifully printed out every day’s task page and filed them in my Home File, but haven’t actually done any more than that. Alot of this can be put down to laziness and lack of motivation. Having a sick family (myself included) hasn’t helped either. I also lost my great grandmother on Saturday and laid her to rest yesterday, so the past few days have been a bit of an emotional blur.

I did tidy the lounge room today though, and made a start on our bedroom. Maybe all hope isn’t lost yet. I feel like I’m always trying to catch up with everything I start, this has to change. I’m hoping to have this week’s tasks all caught up before Monday. Ryder has just woken up from napping in my arms and is now playing quietly with his toys, so I am going to seize the opportunity to get started on Day 1.

The tasks for Day 1 include: Cleaning the kitchen, Decluttering the kitchen bench adn Organising under the kitchen sink. The new habit is to clean the benches and dishes before relaxing for the evening, something we have struggled with and will continue to for some time. The 5 minutes only task is to tidy one bookshelf, which I can manage.
I have refrained from writing on any of the Daily Task pages yet, I am hoping to save them all up to use after the challenge is over. Maybe I should put them in plastic sheets so I can still fill them in and tick them off. What do you all think? How is everyone else’s progress in this challenge going?


3 thoughts on “20 Day Challenge – Already Behind!

  1. Day one went okay, although I have yet to blog about it! Now I’ve just started day 2… Doubt there will be any blogging for a couple of days yet…

    Sorry to hear about your great grandmother, I hope the funeral was a fitting celebration of her life. (((Hugs)))

  2. I’m sorry about your loss šŸ˜¦
    Don’t worry about being behind in the challenge, I am too! So far I have ALMOST finished my kitchen and done my floors – fail! Maybe for us it might be an 80 day challenge šŸ˜‰

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