Tech Turn Off

Today I decided to leave the computer switched off and my mobile phone on top of the fridge in order to get something productive done. Let me tell you, it was great!
I was able to focus, really pay attention to what I was doing. The bedroom looks the best it has in months, includign the rent inspection we had a few weeks ago. I did a full morning routine, including drinking 8 cups of water. I also washed four loads of washing and hung them out, bought in two and a half loads and folded and put them away. This is a major achievement for me! The other load and a half still on the line will finish drying tomorrow. I haven’t been so productive for ages!
Tomorrow is set to be even warmer than today, so after going for a walk in the morning I will clean our sunny kitchen. I may even do some weeding. I want to make the most of this lovely weather whiel it lasts so I will be hnting down every last piece of washung to be done.

I have decided I am going to save “rainy-day” activities (cross-stitch, reading etc.) for the evenings, or for days when it is in fact raining. I am determined to not spend this Spring and Summer staring at a screen or buried in a book. At the end of the day when it is time to relax is when I will be blogging, emailing and wasting time on Facebook. If it is a nice day and there is no housework to be done (yeah right!) I will go for a wlk, or study outside in the sun.

I have enjoyed today so much I am going to attempt to “turn off” once a week. It has been so freeing, mentally and physically, not carrying my mobile phone around or sitting on a chair all day. I haven’t been bombarded with other people’s problems and daily dilemmas and frankly, it has been nice to respond to Ryder as soon as he asks for my attention, instead of “just let me finish this sentence.” I feel lighter, I haven’t missed Facebook one bit! I’d highly recommend turning off for a day, even an hour, to anyone. Who wants to turn off and tune in with me?


4 thoughts on “Tech Turn Off

  1. Being totally computer or phone free is a tad difficult when all my course work is on line and my husband is on the road so much (sms is our life-line back to each other). I’m trying to limit time on non-essential tasks such as FB and WordPress 😉
    Being firm with yourself is the only way, and now I try to use it as a reward rather than one more thing on the list of things to do!

  2. Well done for turning off the tech. Ryder will only be this little for such a short time and all the interaction you have with him is putting down the foundatiions for his speech ability and connection with others.
    It is amazing how great you feel about a job well done, it gives you energy for the rest of the day too, so you feel able to do more productive things, what a clever idea, to use screen time as a reward, it puts it in perspective as a low priority in your life.
    Over the last week, I made strwberry jam, baked bread, made laundry liquid and hand made soap…I was on a high for days, knowing I could be so productive and had spent my time well.
    Good luck with the new routine, I have done day1 and most of day2,we may not do 20 days in a row…..but the 20 days will get done……keep at it : )

  3. I agree. I used to be an internet junkie and always on Facebook, too, and after I took a break from it all for a while, I realized I got lots more done. I’m limiting my time on the computer at home as well. In fact, I even lost my laptop for a few days because I accidentally piled stuff up around it while cleaning. 😉

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