Backtracking Challenge Posts!

Friday’s challenge tasks were to clean the oven and declutter and organise two kitchen cupboards, one being the Tupperware, or plastics, cupboard. Over the weekend I tackled the pantry, last night I hit the plastics cupboard. This was made easier by the fact that while I was cooking dinner, this happened:

My darling Ryder emptied the bottom shelf for me

Here is the remaining shelf:

Top shelf – it’s been a challenge to stop things falling out when the door is opened

I know, pretty scary huh? But don’t worry, here is the after shot:

After – not perfect, but now the bottom shelf only has safe things in case Ryder gets in to it again

Let’s move on to the food pantry. Here is a before shot:

Before – Mayhem! so hard to find anything, even with this basic grouping

After – so much easier! the baskets have seperated the recipe bases from the finishing sauces, and were a steal at $4 for the pair from Kmart

So what do you think? Any tips on how I could better organise either of these two spaces?


2 thoughts on “Backtracking Challenge Posts!

  1. Well done, you are going great, if you can’t find cheap baskets at the supermarket or op shop, you can make some out of cardboard boxes, which most shops will let you have, cut them low at the front (just low enough to see what is in the first row) and high at the back, so when you pull it out things don’t tip over the back. This makes your cupboard space into drawers, which are a much better use of space.
    When you are happy with the size and shape of your boxes and it is working well, you can cover the fronts or whole outside with Contact ,easy to wipe down and strengthens the cardboard.

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