Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

As you all know, I planned to jump back in to the 20 Day Challenge yesterday. It was Day 11 and I dutifully jumped in to yesterday’s tasks after completeing my Morning Routine.

What can I say? My washing machine is clean (never would have thought of that!) and I decluttered and organised my linen cupboard. I even took photos to show you!

                                              Before – What a mess!

After – Much better! Decluttered 4 linen items, and transferred 3 boxes of bandaids into the first aid box

The “5 Minutes Only” task was to clean under the laundry sink, which I didn’t do. Our laundry sink is currently inaccessible due to piles of clutter in front of it. I am hoping to tackle the laundry room when we get back from our trip next week. The “New Habit” was to establish a “new one in, old one out” policy in terms of linen. None of our linen needs replacing at the moment so this isn’t really an issue here.


Today, I didn’t do much. I went back down to my great grandmother’s unit to help my Nan sort through her belongings and gradually clean the unit to be sold. It is definitely a work in progress. There is no great rush to get it done, there is just so much stuff. It has really opened my eyes to just how much clutter impacts on your life, especially in the life you leave behind for your family to sort through. There are so many duplicates of items, especialy kitchenware! I’m sure there must have been at least 50 various plastic containers. Not to mentioin a dozen pots and pans. How much stuff does one lady need?

I have slowly started to pack a bag of clothes for Ryder and I to take on our trip and have a load in the machine of the rest of the clothes we will be taking. I am hoping to have the majority of our stuff packed tonight so we can load the car tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it is going to be a busy day! I am going to a training session from 9.30-12, then we have to get a couple of things from the storage unit to take up to my mum on our trip, and we also have to empty, clean and load the car. As well as doing any last minute packing, as always happens when we go away. We will be leaving around 10am Thursday and hope to be home either Monday or Tuesday.


What are your thoughts?

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