Syncing to FLY

Technology is a wonderful thing, once you know how to use it and after today’s effort I am feeling very tech-savvy.

I have discovered a pair of helpful features that will help make my life much less chaotic and much more streamlined. I am talking about Google Tasks and Google Calendar. Now some of you may be wondering which rock I just crawled out from under, as these aren’t exactly brand-new features, but they are new to me.

I use Gmail for my emails and have a (new) Android phone, both powered by Google. It seems only natural to make use of Google’s other products to get the most out of my ‘loyalty’.

Google Tasks is accessible right from my inbox! It is your typical to-do list, complete with the ability to create multiple lists and clear completed tasks in one foul swoop. Simple to use, yet highly effective. I can add and remove tasks from the comfort of my inbox, perfect for those emails requiring offline action.

Google Calendar is next. This is also accessible from your Gmail inbox, though it opens in a new browser tab. I love the grid layout, the blocks of colour for appointments is a great visual representation of what’s happening when. I am considering using this as a log of sorts to track how much time I spend on certain tasks, in order to better manage my time.

To bring the whole package together, Google Tasks and Calendar synchronise information so everything is consistent. Perfect when a “to-do” has a due date, you’ll never forget to-do it! This synchronising of data also extends to smart phones. As Google and Android are partners, the pre-installed Calendar app is in fact Google Calendar. This app can automatically sync with that on your computer, keeping everything up to date whether at home, work or somewhere in between.

I will be using these features together to optimise my productivity and time management, particularly to keep track of my ABA and study commitments. As I read an email with an important date on it I can add it to my calendar and any preparation added to my tasks. If I am out and about and a friend wants to know when we can catch up, I can instantly check my calendar on my phone to ensure commitments dont clash.

Google Tasks has similar smartphone-computer syncing abilities. I am currently using an app called Tasks Free and it is fantastic. I can see myself making a shopping list on the computer whilst menu planning, then having my phone to tick things off as they are put in the trolley! How handy is that?

I have added ‘sync calendars’ to my before bed routine so I can keep my wall calendar and diary up to date too. Whew! So much syncing, maybe now I can FLY! Have you embraced technology to assist in your organizational journey? Do you have any app or website recommendations as an alternative approach to mine? Are you still very much a pen and paper person? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


What are your thoughts?

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