Starting Again at 2pm

This is a kind of continuation of my previous post about using technology for better organisation and time management. Remember me talking about the Tasks Free app I have been using? Well, it’s been getting a workout! I have made a list of tasks for the 20 Day Challenge, from Day 1 to Day 20. I also put due dates on each task, one per day for twenty days. I put the due time for 2pm, so I can either be reminded to do it or tick it off as done. In order to remember to check the daily task, I have also set an alarm on my phone for 2pm every day. I find this to be a perfect time to ‘restart’ my day; having something to eat, putting my shoes back on if I’ve kicked them off etc. It is not so late in the day that I am busy preparing dinner or too late to do a load of washing if need be, yet not so early as to be interrupting my morning routine or lunch. Ryder usually has a nap just before 2pm so this just adds to the benefits. It usually gives me just enough time to check what the task is and make a good dent in it before he either wants to get up or be resettled. Today was Day 3 of the challenge using my task/alarm combo and it is working great! Today’s challenge was to wipe down all surfaces and walls in the laundry and clean the floor. So far I’ve given the sink a good clean out and am about to go tackle the shelves. We have an outdoor laundry that doubles as a shed and at the moment there is a path from the door to the washing machine and out again, so doing the walls and floor today is just not happening. We have a kerbside collection next week so hopefully we can declutter the laundry/shed this week and get rid of some junk! Anyway folks, im off to clean the shelves that are used for laundry purposes and maybe make a start on the floor chaos. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Starting Again at 2pm

  1. Well done, getting organised to actually start on a days project is sometimes half the battle, I have been so motivated, I went and bought timber to make a shelf in my pantry cupboard, to sit above my front load machine, it will give me more storage and help keep things organised .

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