Working Wednesday

Hi folks, I’ve decided to have another Tech Turn-Off tomorrow, from 9am til 5pm.

I’m hoping to get the house back to some level of clean and do some studying. I think I’ll use my timer, 15 minutes cleaning, 15 minutes studying, 15 minutes cleaning then a 15 minute break. Rinse and repeat. I’ll be using the kitchen table for studying instead of my desk, to remove temptation of logging on.

If I run out of cleaning to do,  (yeah right!) I’ll try to make a start on organising the big stack of recipes I’ve torn out of magazines. I am still unsure of the best way to go about this, should I put them into some sort of file, or scan then into my computer to access digitally? Should I re-type them into the computer so I can print them on individual pages in order to categorise them? I’m in a bit of a pickle here, any ideas will be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to somehow declutter my recipe book cache without decluttering the wonderful recipes each book has.

More thinking necessary. Plenty of time for that tomorrow! Will you be ‘turning off’ with me?


4 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. I put recipes and pamphlets for take outs (depending on what kind of night is lol) into those plastic presentation folders, where they have lots of plastic sheets I can slide them into & look at when I need to. Works for me 😀

    Good luck! I really should be studying…maybe later 😉

  2. The recipe thing will depend on how you best use them. My finace’ likes to use the computer for recipes, but lots of people like having them on index cards or in plastic protected sheets. How do you use recipes now? Or how would you like to use them?

  3. I dont really use recipes at the moment, mainly because I wouldnt know where to start looking! I guess my main issue with the recipes I’ve pulled out of magazines is that I can’t really categorise them, some pages have a main meal and a dessert on the same page, with something else on the back. I like the idea of index cards, then I could transcribe (is that the right word?) each recipe onto a card then throw out/give away the magazine pages & cookbooks. No idea where to go for index cards and whatever kind of holder/case for them though

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