My Home in Zones

By now most of you should be familiar with The FlyLady and her concept of dividing your home into Zones for the purpose of cleaning and decluttering. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn about Zones here.

As much as I admire and respect FlyLady, the whole “one zone per week” thing just doesn’t fly in this house. I don’t want to have a sparkling clean room each week only to have to repeat it each month when I can have a ‘good enough’ house at the end of each week by doing one zone per day. This is my ultimate casting aside of my perfectionism, I don’t have to marathon clean all month when doing a bit each day gets the house good enough. Now my ‘good enough’ and your ‘good enough’ may be two different things, but that’s OK. I am a self-confessed slob and admit to being extremely lazy at times. My friends understand that I am not perfect, nor do I try to be perfect. Here is a run-down of my home at the present moment, by the zones.

Our house is different to FlyLady’s. Firstly, it does not have an “Entrance”, nor does it have a Dining Room. Our dining table is in the kitchen. We do have a tiny front porch, about 1 metre square. The kitchen is always the worst room in our house, due to the fact we do not have a dishwasher and both my partner and myself LOATHE washing dishes. I would rather clean toilets in a high school than wash dishes. On any given day there is likely to be the contents of the plastics cupboard strewn across the floor by our darling son. I can’t wait to buy some locks this week to prevent this from happening quite so often.

The bathroom is pretty average. The toilet is always clean, but as the cat’s food, water and litter tray are in the bathroom, the floor can get a bit scary. I always wash a section of the shower walls whenever I am in there, so it never builds up to a “what is that thing growing in the corner?” stage.

The “Extra Room” is usually Ryder’s bedroom as it is the only other room in the house besides the tiny room linking the bathroom to the hallway and the back door. Our laundry is a seperate building out the back, which doubles as a shed/James’ smoke room. This is our ‘dumping ground’ for boxes and suitcases of stuff to be dealt with later. I try to avoid going into the laundry as much as possible as it always make me anxious and frustrated that we still have so much stuff that hasn’t been unpacked since we moved in in January. I am starting to consider classing the small “back room” as the Entrance as the back door is used as an entrance more often than the front door, particularly by family that know it I can’t open the front door if I am holding Ryder as it requires two hands.

Our bedroom is on a constant swing between being the best and worst room in the house, mainly due to my aversion of the laundry. I am hoping once we move in January into a house with an inside laundry I will be able to keep on top of the washing, without letting it build up to 6 or more loads at once.

The lounge room is our most used room, especially by Ryder. The floor seems to be a constant mess of toys and food crumbs. It is also the first room people enter when they come through the front door, so I try to remove the worst of the mess each day. My desk and filing cabinet are in this room too, though I am becoming more aware of keeping the surface clutter to a minimum.

So that’s our house in it’s natural state. You may be able to tell that I haven’t done any zone cleaning this past week. Ryder is asleep across my lap at the moment, but as soon as he wakes up, or lets me transfer him to his cot, I’ll be picking up everything off the lounge room floor and sweeping up the crumbs off the carpet. Yes I said I’m going to sweep the carpet, when you have a small child that screams hysterically at the sound of the vacuum cleaner, you will understand


2 thoughts on “My Home in Zones

  1. Yeah, I try to do one room per day (or take two/three days if needed). I think the guidelines themselves are great, but with my partner’s ADHD, I have to stay on top of things really quickly. Do what works for you! 🙂

  2. Yes I had one like that, hairdryer was a problem too , wait till he is fast asleep, gradually turn the radio up to a level that will mingle with the vacuum, start farthest away from his bedroom (door shut) and see how that goes. if you must do some when he is awake try putting him in a baby carrier, pouch, with a hat on (muffles sound), put on music, walk about a bit, sing songs, dance, THEN get the vac out , do Not get tense, they pick up on your heartrate and muscle tension, drag it about, play dance jump over the vac,while singing, THEN switch it on……do NOT tense up … while vacuuming……good luck : ) they grow out of it.

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