The Wheels Keep a’Rolling

Hello to my wonderful readers, if there are any of you left. A thousand apologies for my prolonged absence, hopefully I’ll be around a bit more often now.

I have been meaning to write here for a while, though the longer I left it the more anxious I got about finding something to write about. I finally decided that there’s unlikely to be a “perfect post ” anytime soon and that I just need to write something, anything.

So here I am. Lying on the couch on a Friday morning before I go to my ABA meeting. Ryder is standing up at one of the armchairs playing and occasionally paying attention to Sesame Street. He will be one in just a couple of weeks. We are traveling to Perth for Christmas this year, to spend it with my Mum and James’s family. We are also moving house in 7 weeks. To say the next few months will be busy is an understatement. I have only managed to pack one box so far, that is only because we need to get some boxes to pack with. I am doing a massive declutter as I pack. In packing one box I ended up doing three 27 fling boogies. I am hoping there will be plenty more where that came from. We will not be moving far, we will be staying in the same neighborhood that we are currently in. That doesn’t mean its ok to move unnecessary clutter though. There are still some boxes that have not even been unpacked since we moved in January. Enough’s enough!

I am waging a war on clutter! I have divided the house into 20 sections for decluttering and packing. I am going to aim to tackle 4 sections each week, leaving some wiggle room for Christmas etc. I really do not want to leave everything to the last minute, as that will guarantee moving clutter to be dealt with “later”.

Will you join me in a whole house declutter? Do you have any tips on decluttering or moving house? Especially with a 1 year old?


4 thoughts on “The Wheels Keep a’Rolling

  1. Would love to join you in a whole house declutter – I am just embarking on one myself. Not just the house, but my entire life, using Flylady, Life Auditing and cognitive behavioural therapy. Love your blog. Must sit down and write my first post tonight – I’m new to this! Tatty x

    • Welcome! I would love to join you on your journey, if you’ll have me. What can you tell me about Life Auditing and cognitive behavioural therapy, they sound interesting! I’ve got to go do a couple of things this morning (it is currently 8.30am) but then I’ll be back to work out a decluttering plan 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply. I’ll write a post about life auditing this afternoon, with a list of my intentions. I’m going to blend my weeks action plan with some Flylady principles. I found the babysteps a little too slow going for me – I sometimes like to throw myself in. Cognitive behavioural therapy tackles the psychological blocks to progress. Flylady uses this implicitly sometimes, for instance changing perspectives on clutter and goodwill. I’ll try and cobble a post on that too.
        Hope you’ll be posting up a decluttering plan – I find it helps to externalize my plans, keeps me focused and accountable! 🙂

      • I’m looking forward to reading your posts! I also found the babysteps a little too slow, “I need a clean house NOW not in a month’s time!” but am finding a balance of moving forward without burning out. I definitely agree with being made accountable by sharing lists/plans, so I will post my decluttering plan in the morning (it is now 10pm). Watch this space 🙂

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