10 Ways to Run A Blog (Into the Ground)

1. Disappear off the face of the blogging planet for months on end, without any warning or explanation. Really, its just rude.

2. Write a sponsored post in the middle of your blogging absence, again with no explanation. You’ve got time to blog for money, but not for your readers? You sell-out.

3. Post repetitive post after repetitive post, as a “series” that nobody really cares about. Posting for the sake of posting will not keep followers reading. Be original.

4. Whinge about personal issues that are irrelevant to the blog. What’s your Dad being in prison got to do with organising your home?

5. Ignore your followers when they show concern for your prolonged absence. How rude. Snob.

6. Ignore your blog and hope it will a. Run itself. b. Disappear. Neither of these things will happen without some sort of input. Sorry, the magic blogging fairies have gone on strike.

7. Over-promise and under-deliver. Biting off more than you can chew is not pretty. Ever.

8. Start a new blog on a completely unrelated matter in order to “replace” your original blog. That first blog is still waiting for you to play with it again, poor blog.

9. Expect your site views to magically continue rising after not posting for months. Because all of your readers are going to re-read all your whining, repetitive posts over and over until you come back right?

10. Write a post like this after being guilty of. Every. Single. One.


6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Run A Blog (Into the Ground)

  1. You’re back!

    As for your list of 10, guilty as charged on points 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9 🙂 (want to share your other blog link?)

    Anyway, life has a habit of tossing all sorts of cr@p at us. Brush it off and push forward. Eventually it becomes a habit, and thus easier to do. Hope to “see” more of you in the near future 😉

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