Excellent Easter Coming Right Up!

In just a few moments it will be midnight, heralding the start of Good Friday 2013.

In 8 hours time myself,  my darling son, partner and father (just to clear things up, they are three separate people. Weirdo.), will be bundled into the car for a day trip. We are headed to “the lake” for what will hopefully be a fun filled day of water skiing, tubing and knee boarding. It has been about 5 years since I was last at the lake and boy have things changed. Back then it would be my two brothers and I, camping in a tent, showering in a plastic tub with water that was heated by the sun. We could be out there for a week, swimming and doing above mentioned water sports, playing seaweed monsters and playing “spotlight” when it got dark. I had a girl my age to play with, we’d often brush each others hair and write notes to each other in a notebook. Oh the innocence of youth.

Tomorrow will be a carefully executed outing with a toddler. Neither of my brothers will be there, one lives 400kms away and the other isn’t due to be released from prison until May. The girl from before will most likely be there, though our lives have taken two very different turns. She has a job and parties on weekends. I have a toddler.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, it can just be very isolating amongst those that are child-free. I am not the best in any social situation, I often come off as awkward and anti-social. I can see it now – “oh hey I haven’t seen you in like 5 years, what have you been up to?” “Um, well, I had a kid! …..And that’s about it.” Then we’ll kind of stand there awkwardly for a few moments, until I am called away to attend to said kid.

I was hoping to be asleep by now but I have been busy. Busy packing a lunchbox for Ryder, consisting of a banana, two peanut butter foldovers (a sandwich made with one piece of bread folded in half) and two of the new Scooby Doo ‘fruit tails’ we found at the shops earlier this evening. They claim to be 65% real fruit juice but seem to have the consistency of a lolly snake. Let’s see of Ryder notices the difference. He loves The Natural Confectionary Company’s brand of lolly snakes, thanks to weekly visits to the prison, so lets see if these ‘tails’ will hold his attention.

After packing Ryder’s lunchbox I packed myself a set of bathers. The board shorts were bought last summer when I was 20kgs heavier and the bikini 2 and a half years ago before I fell pregnant. I am going to look amazing, I know. At least I shaved my legs right? Yes, only after turning the light off and getting comfortable in bed. I se the alarm for 7am, then another for 6.30 to be sure I’d actually get up at 7. I stretched out my legs and then thought ‘S@#t’. My legs are beyond prickly, they are almost to the point of being furry. Not a good look at the old lake reunion. So there I am at 11.30pm, shaving my legs in the bathroom sink. Of course lifting my leg high enough to rest my foot on the edge of the sink caused something in my hip/thigh area to go twang. The things I do to attempt to be socially acceptable. Dont tell anyone but I only did from the knee down, that’s all they’ll see anyway under my men’s XL boardies.

I think I’m ready.

It is now 12.28am. Hello Friday, I hope you are Good.


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