1. I fell pregnant at 18
2. I had my baby at 19
3. I am constantly judged for being a ‘young mum’
4. I would love to have another baby
5. I cant fall pregnant without having minor surgery first
6. I was an alcoholic at 17
7. I have experimented with drugs
8. I worry that I am not the best mother I could be
9. I want to be an accountant as a career
10. I hate that my mother and younger brother live 400kms away
11. I hate that my maternal grandmother lives 3000kms away
12. I wish my family were more accepting of my partner
13. I don’t like my first name
14. My partner and I never agreed on a name for our baby
15. I have lost over 20kgs in the past year
16. I want to lose four more kilos before my birthday
17. I spend too much time online
18. I am ‘still’ breastfeeding my 16 month old
19. I am trying to get my family to eat healthier
20. I will be 21 this year!

One for each year I’ve been alive. Your turn


One thought on “Confessions

  1. W are the best mothers we know how to be at any given time. I have no doubts from what is read that you are already a wonderful mother. I have no judgement, my SIL was barely 18 when she had her first, and now, still with the same partner had had 3 more.

    One for each year, I’ll think about it. I have to nearly double yours. 🙂

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