Rolling over to face the window, she noticed the hazy grey light creeping past the curtain into her bedroom uninvited. A car goes past, shattering the silence around her. It took a moment to register the noise, ‘a car at this hour?’ she thought, realising she had no idea what “this hour” actually was. She groped under her pillow for her phone, for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.


She sighed as she stared at the roof, another sleepless night. Just as she was about to reach for her glasses, the small body beside her stirred. She layed back down with a whispered ‘shhh’, unclipping her bra in the process. Pulling her darling son closer, she marvelled at how well he had slept, a stark contrast to her own insomnia. As she nursed her not-quite-awake toddler, she relaxed into her pillow, warm and comfortable in this precious bubble of time. Her nose nestled into the soft, downy hair of her sleeping angel, she closed her eyes. This is what she had yearned for all night, her thoughts and worries slipping away as she cuddled the centre of her universe. And she slept, time frozen in this beautiful moment of happiness.

That is until her alarm, which she had forgotten to turn off, began sounding next to her ear. It was morning, officially now.


Kissing her sleeping boy, she quietly slipped from beneath the blankets onto the cold wooden floorboards of her bedroom. It was morning, time to get on with the day. She staggered into the kitchen and flicked on the kettle. It was a coffee kind of day.

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4 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Oh I love it! Love love love. It’s very similar to what I wrote, and I was also trying to encapsulate that feeling when you are “cuddling the centre of your universe” as you so beautifully put it! Visiting via Blogfast Club 🙂

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