Her eyes they hold a thousand secrets

of stories yet untold

Her brow is creased into a frown

making her feel old

Her lips could say so many things

If only she were brave

Her ears no longer listen,

when people tell her to behave

Her nose, it’s captured many smells

of secret far away lands

These memories seem so long ago

like sand slipped through her hands

This woman that stands before her

a girl she thought she knew

She seems to be so solid

and yet she can see straight through

Right through the lies and secrets

the stories left untold

She whispers softly “I hate you”

as the mirror drops from her hold

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13 thoughts on “Mirror

      • I think that’s part of becoming a mama, learning to live in your new skin both on a physical and an emotional level. Something I wasn’t quite prepared for when I had my first bub, for weeks after she was born every time I looked in the mirror I saw her face looking back at me and it weirded me out!

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