Project Finish

Today has been productive. I’ve been for a run, read to Ryder and made a list of 25 tasks to complete, which I have already started on! It feels great to have a clean house and be able to work on all those “other” tasks that get put off, time and time again.

The vast majority of my list isn’t things to do, but things to finish. Countless cross stitch projects, sewing projects and general craft projects. Study units to polish off, my home binder to organise. Things that when completed will bring a sense of calm to head and a touch of “home” to the house.

So, I’m making a pledge to finish what I have started. 25 tasks to tick off, 25 less things to think about. I’m sure if I listed every single project I’d be looking at a list of 50+. But for now, I have 25 tasks, 26 if you include finishing the list.

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The Week Ahead 16-22/09/2013

This post is a day late as I was up until midnight last night finishing a book for last week’s list!

Last week’s list looks like this:
*Run 3 times (2 out of 3 due to weather restrictions)
*Blog about “real” topics twice (Including why I want to run three times this week!) here and here
*Blog over at House, Home & Happiness at least twice (Not even once! Need to work on that)
*Finish reading Run Like A Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea A most fabulous book, very informative and inspirational


So 5/8 tasks complete. Not too bad, but not too good either. This week I want to:

  • Run three times
  • Blog here twice
  • Blog over at House, Home & Happiness twice
  • Submit an assessment to be um, assessed

Another 8 tasks, another 7 days to complete them. Well, I better get cracking!

What are you doing this week?



#amonthof favourites – Favourite Flavour {Day 3}

I had to think about this one; Cookies and Cream has been one of my all-time favourites, but now that I am quitting chocolate I realised that I would need a new favourite. So I thought about it and realised that I do still have a favourite flavour, that doesn’t involve chocolate. That flavour, you may be wondering is this:

download (3)


Rum & Raisin. Mmmm-mmmm.

I have loved it as an icecream flavour since I first discovered Wendy’s and after tasting rum and raisin fudge a little over a week ago, I can say that it isn’t just awesome in icecream.

What is your favourite flavour?

#amonth of favourites – Favourite Colour {Day 2}

For as long as I can remember, my favourite colour has been purple. You know, the Cadbury purple. It looks like this:

download (2)


But after meeting a boy and having a baby, also a boy, things have changed. As I have gone through the process of setting up a home, I feel more drawn to light blues as opposed to purple. There is something calming about light blue to me. Take the background of this blog for example. I absolutely love the colour and the pattern. My blog is my happy place and I always feel at ease when it loads up on my computer screen. I am hoping to start buying some “home decor” soon, even if I have to put it on layby and pay it off over 8 weeks. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a lot of light blue in there. If the background of this blog can bring me such happiness, such calm, then that is exactly what I want my home to do too. So, I guess my new favourite colour looks something a little like this:


Do you have a favourite colour? Has it always been your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Giving Up

If you don’t know by now, I have a ridiculous fan-girl obsession with Kate from Kate Says Stuff. So when she posted this, I immediately wracked my brains to think of how I could fit in. From September 1 until December 31, Kate and her sister Kym will be giving up cigarettes and chocolate respectively. Being the obsessed fan-girl that I am, I am going to take the plunge too. Four months of no chocolate for me. One of the “rules” is that there is no pressure to quit forever, if I start the new year with a block of Cadbury in hand then that is OK.
Four months of no chocolate. Just the thought of it scares me. Though maybe that is why I need to “quit”. If just the thought of not having it is enough to make me anxious then maybe it has more control over me than I thought. I’d always prided myself on not having any addictions once I was no longer an alcoholic, but maybe I couldn’t see what was right under my nose the whole time. There is currently one lone Oreo in the house, so there is not even anything to tempt me. Oh, besides the chocolate mud spread. Damn, I’d forgotten that. Thankfully there is not much left and should easily be finished before September 1 rolls around.

So my darling readers, this is where I ask for help. I may not post very often, I may post some crazy deprived drivel or I may just loop out altogether for a while. But, I may conquer this with relatively little fallout. All I am asking is that you be patient with me, accept my decision and support me in making the changes I know in myself I need to make.


For those on social networks, you can follow along with the hashtag #katequitsstuff

Will any of you be joining in with this challenge? What vices do you have?

Goal Setting and Future Planning

My goal is to have an organised home that is regularly and easily maintained through established routines, a haven to live in and a safe environment for Ryder to play and grow in by December 1.

My goal is to complete my Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education – Community in order to begin volunteer work as a qualified Community Educator for the Australian Breastfeeding Association by December 31.

My goal is to launch a thread-packing business supplying quality thread packs for Tilton Crafts charts to Australian and global customers by August 1.

My goal is to successfully launch an upcycling business in partnership with my mother selling hand made Upcycled products by January 31 2014.

My goal is to become a Professional Organizer/Event Planned specialising in family and residential clients providing services both online and in person by July 1 2016.

Let’s Try This Again…

Hello out there!! Is anyone still out there?

This year has been a bit of a false start right from the get go. Looking at my stats last night, so far I have had a quarter of the number of views I had last year in the same amount of time. Yikes. Obviously this is due to me posting a whole lot less  often than what I was posting last year. Life has been… hectic. Between one family drama after another and internet connections being few and far between, I have kind of lost touch with the blogging world.

I don’t really know what do with this blog. It started off as a journal of sorts, to document my progress in following The FlyLady’s system to a clean and organised home. I kind of fell off that bandwagon a few times, along with several other cleaning and organising “challenges”. The thing I seem to be lacking most is consistency. I make all these plans, all these promises, but never see any of them through.

Is it worth me trying to revive this blog into the cleaning, decluttering and organising blog it once was? Should I use it as a more ‘personal’ blog, documenting life as a mother of a toddler? Many many times over the past few months I have thought “oh, I should blog that!”, only to think to myself that it doesn’t really fit in to what this blog is. Or should I say, was. To be truthful though, this blog was never really completely in the housework category, right from the word go I was posting about things that I believed in, that were completely irrelevant to my attempt at FLYing.

What do you think? Should I open the floodgates and let this be my blog? Would you be bored to death if I post more about who I am, family life, random musing etc. and less about trying to keep house?


1. I fell pregnant at 18
2. I had my baby at 19
3. I am constantly judged for being a ‘young mum’
4. I would love to have another baby
5. I cant fall pregnant without having minor surgery first
6. I was an alcoholic at 17
7. I have experimented with drugs
8. I worry that I am not the best mother I could be
9. I want to be an accountant as a career
10. I hate that my mother and younger brother live 400kms away
11. I hate that my maternal grandmother lives 3000kms away
12. I wish my family were more accepting of my partner
13. I don’t like my first name
14. My partner and I never agreed on a name for our baby
15. I have lost over 20kgs in the past year
16. I want to lose four more kilos before my birthday
17. I spend too much time online
18. I am ‘still’ breastfeeding my 16 month old
19. I am trying to get my family to eat healthier
20. I will be 21 this year!

One for each year I’ve been alive. Your turn

A Day at the Lake

Good Friday? More like great Friday!

What an adventure. The drive was too long with a toddler in the back seat. I lost count of how many times I asked “how much longer, are we there yet?”.

The old lake was a very sad state of affairs, it has dried up considerably since I last saw it 7 years ago, metres of black silty sludge ringing the lake, the bouys marking the swimming area beached on dry land.

Change of plans.

A kilometer back down the road is another turn off, leading to another lake. One I’d never been to before. After about 30kms of corrugated gravel we arrive. And I must say, wow. This lake is saltwater, so the sand around the outside is like beach sand, just a lot more compact. There is a proper boat ramp to launch from, toilets not far away and lots of space to move.

Ryder has only been to the beach once in his short life, but absolutely loves sand. The second he was out of the car he was sitting down digging and playing with the sand. After a quick hello to our friend with the boat, I grabbed Ryder’s ball out of the car. Well. Didn’t he think that was great. He grabbed his ball and ran. Fast. I chased after him and he threw the ball ahead. I took off and soccer kicked the ball back towards ‘camp’. Ryder squealed with laughter and was off again. Game on. I am astounded by his coordination, for a nearly 16 month old he plays some good soccer!
The adults unpacked and put the boat in the water while Ryder and I tore up the beach.

Everyone else started to arrive and all of a sudden there were kids everywhere. Our soccer match ended so I could introduce Ryder to the adults, turns out one lady knew my parents when I was a toddler! The kids hijacked the ball for their own game of soccer, much to Ryder’s annoyance. He would take off with his arms outstretched saying ‘ball! Ball!’ But the kids would simply move further away. Not impressed.

Once the boat was in the water I left Ryder building sand castles with James while my Dad and I went for a spin on the tubes. It felt like only 7 days had passed, not 7 years. I think I laughed the whole way around the lake. I then sat in the boat as spotter so Dad could have a ski, followed by the two tweenage girls having a go in the tubes. Lunch time was soon upon us and I quickly reverted back to ‘Mum Mode’, making sure Ryder had sunscreen on and was fed and watered. More digging persued. I tried to take the little man for a paddle but the kids soon came splashing over with Ryder’s ball. Of course he tried running after them again, falling over as they disappeared further away. He didn’t want to paddle after that.
Back to playing in the sand while I got to chat to the mums of the group. Apparently motherhood suits me.

Ryder eventually had a nap at about 3pm, after me pacing up and down the ‘beach’, far enough away so he couldn’t see or hear the kids with his ball. Once he was settled in his tent for a snooze it was my turn to have a shot at kneeboarding. I was very apprehensive after not doing it for so many years but I needn’t have worried. The boat took off and so did I, skimming across the water as I held on for dear life. Once I had found the right balance to keep the board from bouncing so much, I was set. Carving across the wake, out onto the undisturbed water of the lake. Back over the wake and down the other side to mirror my actions. I dont know why but it is much easier for me to drop off the left hand side of the wake than the right. Weird. The boat continued towing me around the lake and I was on cloud nine. I could not stop smiling and Im pretty sure I held my breath for way too long. We were nearly back to shore when I hit a chunky patch of water from another boat, making me wipeout. I hooked the ski rope’s handle to the front of the board and laid down while I was towed the short distance back to shore.

I walked out of the water with the board under my arm, a triumphant smile on my face. I was shaking and struggling to catch my breath, the adrenaline pumping through my body making me feel giddy. There was no time to savour the moment though, it was time to get dry and dressed for the drive home. I was still shaking when Dad came in from his final lap on the skis. Serious face Alicia, its time to go.

I dried myself as best I could and put my dry clothes on. They were full of sand but I didn’t care. James had packed the car while I was out on the water so all that was left was Ryder and the tent. We said our farewells and clambered back into the Liberty when I realised something was missing. Ryder’s ball. The ball that was the centre of attention all day, so much fun as to steal from a toddler, had blown 500 meters away and was bobbing in the water against the boat ramp. Two of the youngest kids ran off to collect it, James followed them in the car to give them a ride back.

Another round of farewells, thank-you-so-muchs and promises to return next season. Then we were back in the car and heading home. We inadvertently took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up shaving a good 50kms from our trip. Score. Ryder, my Dad and I myself all fell asleep, only waking when we were stopped by a booze bus 5 minutes from home. Dad went home and Ryder and I were straight in the shower. A quick dinner of leftovers and we were in bed by 8pm. Well and truly spent after a totally awesome day.

That ball, in case you were wondering, cost $3 from Kmart. Bring your own next time!