How To Change Your Child’s Playtime

The best way to change your children’s childhood for the better is to remove the electronic distractions that exist. We live in world that is dominated by the internet and the role of the internet in our young children’s lives is becoming progressively important. It is gradually becoming more of a worry simply because of the sheer amount of man hours they spend on them.

Back in the day kids would finish school and then quickly get changed and go and “play out” nowadays kids come home and sit on their Xbox or Ipad for hours on end, quickly engulf their dinner and settle down for their twilight session before bed. It really is becoming a problem and it is down to the parents of these children to intervene before the problem escalates.

playtimeAll it takes is a little engagement, play football with your young lad or play doctors and nurses with your little girl; it really isn’t difficult is it? This article will highlight the best ways in which parents can reintegrate and re engage with their children before they grow up too quickly.


As parents you have got to engage with your children during playtime in order to make it memorable and beneficial for them. It really shouldn’t be a chore to help your children emerge and grow into well behaved and socially aware children. I truly fear that we are creating an Ipad generation of children who don’t really know what to do in social situations and are only truly comfortable when they are playing on their latest app.

There are many innovative companies out there that can offer your children a new dimension to their playtime. A Girl for All Time creates life like dolls that come with personalized keepsakes and a novel. These educational dolls have dual benefits, they teach loyalty as well as the enrichment of your young child’s mind.

Parents need to be aware of the fact that their children, if they aren’t careful, will become robotic on their personalities and struggle to interact with people their own age. Send them outside to play football and allow them to join different teams in order to increase social interaction. They will thank you in the long run, believe me.

Limit their time

I believe there are benefits of electronic devices and am certainly not saying there should be a ban placed upon their use by parents. However I do believe that time spent on them should be limited each night. This will make your child value the time on them more as well as look to other ways of having fun, the old fashioned way.

I am calling parents to think back to their childhoods, there were no electronic devices and you didn’t turn out so bad did you?

Encourage activeness

Get your children active; encourage them to join clubs and teams and to play sport. It is the best way to get them on the move and making friends.

It is what they need from a young age and enriching their minds and bodies can give them the perfect base they need to grow up and flourish through school.

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