Project Finish

Today has been productive. I’ve been for a run, read to Ryder and made a list of 25 tasks to complete, which I have already started on! It feels great to have a clean house and be able to work on all those “other” tasks that get put off, time and time again.

The vast majority of my list isn’t things to do, but things to finish. Countless cross stitch projects, sewing projects and general craft projects. Study units to polish off, my home binder to organise. Things that when completed will bring a sense of calm to head and a touch of “home” to the house.

So, I’m making a pledge to finish what I have started. 25 tasks to tick off, 25 less things to think about. I’m sure if I listed every single project I’d be looking at a list of 50+. But for now, I have 25 tasks, 26 if you include finishing the list.

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